Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Purpose of Faith

As religion evolved, so did the concept of faith. Faith was an important first step because almost all of the information contained in ancient religious texts made claims which violated known laws of physics that were miraculous and could not be explained. At the time there were no scientists to explain the laws of physics. Even today churches still believe there is a living God that performs miracles.

A good example of this is why faith was needed to make religion work. The what I call the first belief, of any religion is belief in a deity. Let's use Christianity in all our examples. God, an all-knowing, all-powerful deity which created everything, requires the step of faith. All other aspects of Christianity requires faith. Faith is a belief in something where no physical evidence can prove an event occurred but belief is accepted without question.

I believe there are two kinds of people in the world, those who accept faith and those who don't. In ancient times what we would call religion was formed about the time of  the cc capacity of the cranium of the human skull reached the size of Neanderthal. According to Wikipedia, Middle Paleolithic societies — such as that of the Neanderthals during the period of 300,000 to as recently as 50,000 years ago, buried their dead with their personal possessions. 

There had to be stories passed to younger members of a group around a camp fire for many thousands of years which changed drastically over time. Until the Council of Nicea, there was no consensus on religious thought in Europe. The Council reviewed thousands of ancient scrolls and there were political factions among religious scholars as to which manuscripts would be included in the Bible. If there is a God as described by the majority of the population, this entity does not interfere in any human behavior or the laws of physics..  

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